School Accident Insurance


All pupils are covered by an accident insurance policy.



Seguro escolar

The policy covers accidents which may occur on the Ikastola premesis, on the way to the Ikastola from home, on school excursions or during extracurricular activities run by the school.



Death caused by accident (Burial costs)   6.000 €
Permanent disability caused by accident   9.000 €
Medical care   5.000 €
Dental plates   1.500 €
Prosthesis   500 €





  • In the event of an accident, the centre has a person in charge who is notified.
  • The centre has a direct telephone line with the medical service TECESLA provided by the insurance company.
  • In an accident a doctor to attend the Ikastola needed for urgent care (sutures, bandages, medication, tensoplás, etc), who will diagnose and decide if it is necessary to take the injured to a concerted clinics. In this case the person responsible for the Ikastola call her parents to perform the move or going to the medical center.
  • Weekend: If some insurers would suffer to some accident at the Ikastola, or wait for the next school day, which will contact the responsible Ikastola, or in an emergency you can go to one of the centers medical providers or to any of the hospitals Osakidetza in Bizkaia (Basurto, Cruces, Galdácano). 
  • The school insurance does not cover accidents that may occur in the practice of extracurricular activities (school sports, mountain ...) to hold off the Ikastola during the weekend. In this case you should go to any of the hospitals in Osakidetza.



For any inquiries, phone the Ikastola on


Medical centre:

Ballets Olaeta Street, 4
Tel: 944755000 - 48014 BILBAO


ANNUAL FEE (September): 37 €





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