Food is prepared by the Gastronomía Baska company in the Ikastola daily.

The service includes preparing special menus.

Quarterly, a sheet with the menus for each day.


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Gastronomía Baska                        cuídate y come sano



Servicio de comedor




For regular canteen users (i.e. pupils who have lunch in the canteen over the ten months of the school year), the annual fee is paid in ten monthly instalments. This is done to make paying for the corresponding days easier.



If after not using the canteen services a pupil should wish to begin using the canteen, the remainder of first month will be charged as a casual user, and as a regular user from the beginning of the next month.

If a pupil should happen to be absent for more than ten days in a row due to illness, the fees will be refunded for those days.

Unless otherwise notified at the end of the school year, canteen users will be automatically continue as such in the following school year.

The canteen can be used casually. To do so, tickets are available from the secretary to hand in to the classroom teacher on the day. There is a list of special canteen rules handed out to all pupils.

Servicio de comedor

The lunch break period bfore and after the meal is supervised by:

- 2 people nap children 2 years.
- 3 people in Early Childhood Education.
- 3 people for Primary and Secondary 1st year.
- 1 person for 2-3rd and 4th Secondary.


  MONTHLY FEE: 93 €          DAILY TICKET: 7 €          10 TICKETS: 64 €

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